Metropolitan Japanese Ministry Presents

Commemoration of saints & spirits

November 4th, 2023 4 pm St. James the Less-Scarsdale





Manami Mizumoto - Violin

Elliot Figg - Harpsicord

Douglas Balliett - Viola da Gamba

Guest of Theotokos

Melanie Lynch - Mezzo Soprano


Program Will Include

The music for this afternoon will include commemorative pieces for saints and the departed

from the Baroque canon by composers such as Telemann, Handel, and Biber, as well as

new music by Balliett and spirituals offered by mezzo Soprano Melanie Lynch.


Ticket Information

$20 per person-$25 at Door Seniors $15 Students $12.50 ♦ Under 12 Free

For Further Information & Ticket Purchase Please Contact


Q & A with Reception Post-Concert

You provide the Saints, we will provide the Spirits